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Education Development  Strategist

This is a management level position that is focused on the implementation and delivery of educational programs, tools, and projects across all KIKA administered programs.


  1. Develop (and revise existing) curriculum and scheduling for school collaborations
  2. Develop data collection and monitoring systems
  3. Develop strategic goals related to education delivery
  4. Develop and implement outreach plan for local schools and youth-focused organizations
  5. Foster collaborative relationships with schools and other local youth organizations
  6. Seek funding opportunities related to KIKA programs
  7. On-site delivery of educational instruction
  8. Oversee and maintain the Mālama Waimea River program
  9. Spokesperson for KIKA educational programs
  10. Work with other staff members to ensure programs are up to date and on-time on all deliverables and objectives
  11. Day-to-day budget maintenance with Program Director, board treasurer, and consultants.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Hawaiian Studies, Hawaiian Language, or Education related focus area; or 3 years work experience in a Native Hawaiian serving organization
  • 2 Years experience in Native Hawaiian community based work in the area of education or ʻāina-based programming
  • Strong desire to work with and build community

Pay and Hours:

  • Salary position
  • 40 hours/week
  • Schedule will fluctuate depending on program needs
  • Reports directly to Program Director


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